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Digital content protection

Forensic Watermarking is a method of digital content protection that is implemented immediately before public display. Our developments allow you to process material in the shortest deadlines so that everything is done in time for release. We use secure methods of data transmission, processing and storage.

Сontent restoration

Our team has ample opportunities to restore old and damaged content. We remove traces of film, noise and distortion, restore "broken" frames, adjust colors, brightness and contrast. In other words, we perform genuine magic.


We increase the video resolution up to 8K, we remove digital noise. Your QC department will definitely like this.


We know the requirements for movie content and undertake the creation, editing and delivery of DCP anywhere in the world. We check the materials in the cinemas in advance - we guarantee their operability.

Live Streaming

At Red Rabbit, we organize the display of your Live or VoD content on the Internet. We competently integrate video advertising and use HTML5 and CDN, while geo-blocking allows you to target the right viewers.


Do you have difficulties with formats? We will help you understand the requirements of a channel with regards to a video’s technical parameters, as well as the subtleties of formats and codes both in Russia and abroad.

Technical support

With us, you don’t have to worry: we will take over technical support of transactions, help with documentation and screening licences. If necessary, we will transfer the required material to our servers.
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